Let’s work together to improve the quality of life in Marion, keep our local government accountable, and strengthen our growing economy.



I can’t do this alone. Would you contribute to our campaign efforts, either with your time, with your input, or with a contribution?




Improving our Quality of Life

Residents of Marion deserve to experience a quality of life and health that is the best in Indiana. Income levels, adult and childhood poverty rates, and overall quality of life, are currently among the worst in the state. We can leverage the resources right here in our community to overcome these issues.


Holding our Government Accountable

The role of the City Council should be to represent the best interests of everyone who lives in our city. We can build on the financial improvements made in recent years, and hold our government to an even higher level of transparency and accountability.


Promoting our Growing Economy

Individuals and businesses are increasingly choosing to invest in Marion. We are seeing entrepreneurs put their ideas into action and it is having a ripple effect throughout our community. As a city, we need to do everything we can to support efforts like these that grow our local economy and provide employment.



In Indiana, Municipal Elections are coming up on November 5, 2019! Be a part of the change - exercise your right to vote! Not sure if you’re registered, or where to go? Click below to get more information.



There’s a lot to love about Marion - we have some incredible individuals, youth, and groups in our community. And though we’ve made some good progress in the past few years, I believe we can do even better.




My family and I are proud to call Marion home. When my wife, Megan, and I got married in 2007, we made a decision to put down roots and start our family here in this community. Raising our children, Elliot and Isabella, here in Marion has been a great choice for us - the choice of schools in Marion and Grant County, as well as countless opportunities for youth involvement in the arts and athletic programs, are excellent. We’re blessed with so many friends and neighbors, and a faith community where we are actively involved. Marion is truly our home.

I graduated college just down the road at Anderson University, where I received my Bachelor’s degree. There I studied both music and business - economics, accounting, management, and other courses that served as an introduction into the business world. Since 2003, I’ve worked in broadcast radio, corporate sales, construction, and IT, but for the past few years I’ve worked as a specialist in the field of Marketing and Communications, helping individuals and organizations share their message with the world. My wife and I have actually both started small businesses in Marion; for the past six years, my wife has been the founder and executive director of Lark’s Song - the non-profit organization that she started right in the heart of downtown Marion. The opportunity has presented itself to us more than once to relocate to somewhere else, and we’ve said no. We love this community.

Throughout our time in Marion, both my wife and myself have served on boards and committees, and volunteered with various organizations that are working to make Marion and Grant County a better place for all of us. I believe there is a renewed, contagious hope for the future of Marion, and I’m excited to continue working for this community and help us develop our true potential - we really are a “City of Champions!”